Sunday, January 24, 2010

What trumped my brownies

I made brownies tonight. Didn't get to eat them. Felix was running around upstairs with one of his cousins. As he went through the kitchen he slipped and fell, catching his eyelid on the corner of the piano bench that someone had moved into the room.

Poor kid started bleeding all over the place so I ran him to the emergency room. Brent stayed home with Amelia, who had a little emergency of her own. She apparently is allergic to peanut butter.

Felix was a champ. His cut had stopped bleeding by the time we got in the car but it was pretty big. An inch maybe but it looked deep and the skin was separated quite a bit. The doc and the nurses were pretty good with him. Very patient and explained things well.

The doc decided to put him out because he didn't want Felix to struggle when he got scared. Ever heard of Ketamine? It has some weird effects on people. The doctor did warn me though so I wasn't too bothered. 8 stitches and two hours later we got home, and Felix threw up on me. Like everything in his belly. That wasn't very pleasant, but I've had worse.

So it's 11 pm and I should have been in bed an hour ago. I still haven't gotten my brownies but I think I deserve a big helping. Don't you agree? I'd share with Felix but he's zonked. Poor kid.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I got served

A summons a week and a half ago. Yeah, I got sued. Second time actually. I should be an old pro by now, but I have to admit I had no idea what was going on so I just let the lawyers do their thing.

This time I read everything carefully and had my bro who's in law school point me in the right direction (disclaimer: no legal advice was given), and created a large "Answer to Complaint", which I filed this afternoon. I'm hoping the judge will throw out the lawsuit and say I've paid enough. In fact, I kind of wish all the other medical bills from that unnecessary appendectomy of 2007 were included so I could deal with them all together.

Anyway, I felt prepared, which was a first.

And today, I got a haircut. I love Devron. She's the bestest.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Per request...

Super quick rundown of the last month and a half and then lots of fun pics.

New job is going great. I like it even though it's been really tough to keep up with everything. Brent's work is suffering although he has cut back some. Part of the difficulty has been because of a terrible month of sickness. We spent our Christmas break running to the bathroom and doing lots of extra laundry.

Christmas day we tried to go see a movie but Amelia's moaning got us kicked out. Talk about embarrassing. And miserable.

We finally got our kitchen installed, thanks to the competent and generous Denny Vincent. It's good being related to the highly-skilled. To make sure I'm not taking advantage (I did pay, but I'm sure his time was worth a lot more), I'm referring furiously. Anyone need the best contractor/handyman in Utah County?

Oh, Amelia's birthday party right after Thanksgiving turned into an impromptu family reunion. There was one cousin there I hadn't seen in more than 10 years, and another I hadn't seen in about 6. It was awesome to see everyone.

Amelia finally got a couple of teeth (after she turned 1) - she now has 3 and another pretty close. She's still not walking.

Felix is just a little crackpot. He's working on potty training with gentle nudging from his grandparents and parents. He'll now tell us when he wants to go pee and he'll often take off his diaper so he can go.

Both kids have so much personality and constantly make us laugh.

Enjoy the pics!