Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A new beginning

Yeah, I know it's the middle of March. I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions. I wasn't ready to commit to anything at all. Now I feel like more than just wanting, I actually have the motivation to do stuff.

The past 9 months have been especially difficult for me. I figured out that once I hit the 6 month mark in my pregnancy I can't do much anymore. We were incredibly blessed to find Danielle - a girl in our ward who lives just down the street - who was willing to come and help out for very little money. Once Oscar was born, Brent and I both decided that to preserve sanity we wanted Danielle to keep coming.

Now, Oscar is almost 7 months old, the kids call her Dan-oh or Dan-yoh, and she's right this moment washing dishes in my kitchen. I'm totally in love. I'm pretty sure I couldn't do another pregnancy without her (or someone very similar). Life-saving. Or at least sanity-saving.

So, changes.

1. Last night I actually enforced the kids sleeping in their own beds. First time ever. Of course, Amelia got up in the middle of the night and Brent comforted her through the night. Like for a few hours. Sadly, that woke me anyway (I'm a super light sleeper), but at least I didn't have to hold on to her all night long so she didn't throw herself off my chair onto her head while she was sleeping. I'm going to continue to enforce. As much as I would love to snuggle with my kids all night, I just can't sleep. And that's not an option.

2. On Saturday I went to the open casting call for Biggest Loser. I didn't get a callback. But like my cousin (who went with me), I figure if I can commit to a show, I should be able to do the work on my own. As nice as it would be to have someone pushing me hard (and I totally know I could lose like 150+ pounds), I need to just buck up and get to work. I have the tools I need. I've started blogging again on my blog again in anticipation of this particular change.

3. Blogging. Yeah, this one is already obvious. Another way to be accountable.

4. Organizing my house. I'm going to start collecting stuff for a giant yard sale this summer. I'm going to finally decorate my living room and bedroom. I'm going to re-do some of the work Darla helped me start when I was pregnant and get the rest of my house in order. News of disasters in the world (and broken kitchen pipes, dang it) make me want to be MUCH better prepared.

5. Gotta rip the carpet out of the office. This is a necessity because of the recent flood we had. 30+ year old carpet and padding means that getting wet is a really bad thing. Sadly, that's the room in the house that most desperately needs organizing. And it's packed with stuff. This is going to be a huge project.

6. Time to get back on the wagon with churchy stuff. You know, daily scripture reading and prayers. FHE, etc. I need to do this for myself. I need to do this for my family.

7. At the back of my mind for a very long time has been the desire to do couponing. I know someone can spend a LOT of time doing it, but I'm pretty sure that it would be worth my time and would help us out financially too.

8. In about 2 years, when our family debt is almost gone, I want to go on an adventure. And I'm not talking about a vacation. I want to move. Like to South America. Or Florida. If Brent's still working for the same company, then all we need is an internet connection. Time to work on the organization (yard sale - get rid of all our extra stuff), in addition to the debt and long-term plans.

Yeah, I'm excited. Oscar has been taking a nice long nap and he's starting to stir. I guess I should get dressed while I still have the chance. If I hadn't lost the cord to my camera (again!!!), I'd be posting pictures. Maybe I'll post some older ones (next time - Oscar is awake).

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birthday Hat, Play Date at the mall, and another Flood

I'm trying to be creative. I've always known Felix had a huge head, but I underestimated and it was tight on him. I ended up taking out the elastic and he wore it happily for a few hours till it kept falling down.
We spent an afternoon at the Provo Mall with Miranda and a friend of hers. We even took a ride on the little train that goes around the mall. The kids loved it!
Friday night while at my sister's house, mom called to tell me that there was a flood. A pipe taking water to the kitchen sink broke and gushed for probably an hour or two before she found it. The entire back half of the house was totally flooded. This picture was taken after 2 hours spent with two shop vacs. In the kids' room, the only thing ruined was a book (not one of my favorites, thank goodness). In the kitchen the only thing ruined was a giant unopened bag of sugar. My juicer was on the floor and has been drying out on the back patio. We'll see if that survives. There was wood in the hallway that got soaked, and we'll have to tear the carpet out of the office. That'll be a huge job, so till we have the energy to do it, I'm burning lots of incense. It's smelly!

Also, last week my aunt Laurie died. She was diagnosed with cancer on Jan 4. She's my dad's next younger sister, and I didn't know her very well. Last night I went to the airport (in grotesque weather) to pick up Blaine and his family. The funeral was yesterday in Kentucky, and the burial is tomorrow in Spanish Fork. Blaine's family is staying here, and the other family members are at other relatives' houses. I'll try to get a cousin picture, but there will be lots of people missing. Sad though, that a funeral could bring most of us together better than anything else.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Since I'll never catch up

1. Finally got the insurance settlement from my accident last February. Came in right in time for Christmas. We spent it on bills and redoing our living room.

2. Redid the living room with lots of good help. It looks about a kazillion times better than it did and is not disease-ridden anymore. Yay for ripping out 30+ year old carpeting!!!

3. Christmas was great. Nothing really to note.

4. Amelia was sick on her birthday - Thanksgiving, so we never got around to doing anything for her.

5. Felix turned 4 and we took the kids to the aquarium. And Felix was sick so he didn't enjoy it much, although he LOVED his presents. Brent and I bought him a last-minute track thing with two cars and he plays with that thing constantly. Amelia loved petting the stingrays at the aquarium.

6. I keep gaining weight.

7. I was in an accident on New Year's Eve. I was on my way to the airport to pick up my friend Juanita and her family, driving their car. Got two houses down from mine and a neighbor backed out of her driveway into me. The insurance companies are still fighting over whose fault it is because apparently she told her insurance that she was already going forward when I hit her. But really she was in reverse when we hit. As much as I hate the idea of a feud in the cul-de-sac or in the ward, I'll fight that till the bitter end if I have to. In the meantime, I have to come up with my friend's $500 deductible so she can get her car fixed. Yucky.

8. Brent and I are going to Disneyland for our 5-year anniversary this month. We were going to try to go on a huge cruise but we just can't pull it off. Sigh. Someday I'll get back to Alaska...

9. I've been doing a lot of crafting. I made these really cute snowmen earrings (thanks a billion to CarrieAnne for passing along a link to the idea) and ended up selling over 40 pairs. I gave away at least that many. I've been inspired. I'm currently making beaded flowers, but I don't know if I'll sell them. They take too long so far.

10. I plan on getting a booth or a kiosk next fall/winter to sell my stuff. I'm going to call it Bucks Even (because I hate having to buy something for much less than I have because "with tax" the item I want is just out of my price range - don't you dare steal my idea, I plan on copyrighting it soon) and I'll have a variety of things - hopefully all that will make good Christmas presents. Like my jewelry, small rice bag warmers, mini M&M dispensers (gotta figure out how to cut baby food jar lids), and various things from a few of my friends who want in. If all goes as planned/hoped, I'll be able to take $5000-$8000 profit from it that would be a great way to pay off taxes or start up a real business. Cross your fingers for me!

11. Felix tells me all the time that he's my kitty cat. He's really smart but we're not pushing him with kindergarten-type things. I love seeing him enjoy learning things.

12. Amelia loves to copy Felix. She's got his vocabulary. She's got crazy hair most of the time. She can count to 10 when she's not thinking about it, but otherwise she skips numbers. I'm pretty sure Felix has never done that for me, although he can already do simple addition and subtraction.

13. Both kids are very helpful. Most recently, they have discovered that they can make Oscar laugh. We all love that.

14. Oscar is really short (17th percentile), on the chubby side (77th percentile), and he's got a huge head (98th percentile). He's extremely pleasant and easy. He sleeps mostly through the night almost all of the time. He was 6 months old the day before Felix's birthday. Oscar laughs a lot and he's very ticklish. He loves to jump in his jumpy chair but doesn't like being on his belly. He sleeps on his side best.

15. I love having my kids around. I'm finally feeling like I can accomplish things without constant help. Only took me about 9 months. Too bad I had to gain all sorts of weight in that time. I feel all sorts of sluggish and can't wait for good weather so the kids and I can enjoy the backyard while Brent goes to the library to get his work done.

I think that's mostly it. I have tons of projects already made and tons that I'm planning on making. I'll try to start getting pics up of those projects. And I really will try to post more regularly. It'll probably usually be short posts. Hopefully.

Love you all!