Thursday, March 3, 2011

Since I'll never catch up

1. Finally got the insurance settlement from my accident last February. Came in right in time for Christmas. We spent it on bills and redoing our living room.

2. Redid the living room with lots of good help. It looks about a kazillion times better than it did and is not disease-ridden anymore. Yay for ripping out 30+ year old carpeting!!!

3. Christmas was great. Nothing really to note.

4. Amelia was sick on her birthday - Thanksgiving, so we never got around to doing anything for her.

5. Felix turned 4 and we took the kids to the aquarium. And Felix was sick so he didn't enjoy it much, although he LOVED his presents. Brent and I bought him a last-minute track thing with two cars and he plays with that thing constantly. Amelia loved petting the stingrays at the aquarium.

6. I keep gaining weight.

7. I was in an accident on New Year's Eve. I was on my way to the airport to pick up my friend Juanita and her family, driving their car. Got two houses down from mine and a neighbor backed out of her driveway into me. The insurance companies are still fighting over whose fault it is because apparently she told her insurance that she was already going forward when I hit her. But really she was in reverse when we hit. As much as I hate the idea of a feud in the cul-de-sac or in the ward, I'll fight that till the bitter end if I have to. In the meantime, I have to come up with my friend's $500 deductible so she can get her car fixed. Yucky.

8. Brent and I are going to Disneyland for our 5-year anniversary this month. We were going to try to go on a huge cruise but we just can't pull it off. Sigh. Someday I'll get back to Alaska...

9. I've been doing a lot of crafting. I made these really cute snowmen earrings (thanks a billion to CarrieAnne for passing along a link to the idea) and ended up selling over 40 pairs. I gave away at least that many. I've been inspired. I'm currently making beaded flowers, but I don't know if I'll sell them. They take too long so far.

10. I plan on getting a booth or a kiosk next fall/winter to sell my stuff. I'm going to call it Bucks Even (because I hate having to buy something for much less than I have because "with tax" the item I want is just out of my price range - don't you dare steal my idea, I plan on copyrighting it soon) and I'll have a variety of things - hopefully all that will make good Christmas presents. Like my jewelry, small rice bag warmers, mini M&M dispensers (gotta figure out how to cut baby food jar lids), and various things from a few of my friends who want in. If all goes as planned/hoped, I'll be able to take $5000-$8000 profit from it that would be a great way to pay off taxes or start up a real business. Cross your fingers for me!

11. Felix tells me all the time that he's my kitty cat. He's really smart but we're not pushing him with kindergarten-type things. I love seeing him enjoy learning things.

12. Amelia loves to copy Felix. She's got his vocabulary. She's got crazy hair most of the time. She can count to 10 when she's not thinking about it, but otherwise she skips numbers. I'm pretty sure Felix has never done that for me, although he can already do simple addition and subtraction.

13. Both kids are very helpful. Most recently, they have discovered that they can make Oscar laugh. We all love that.

14. Oscar is really short (17th percentile), on the chubby side (77th percentile), and he's got a huge head (98th percentile). He's extremely pleasant and easy. He sleeps mostly through the night almost all of the time. He was 6 months old the day before Felix's birthday. Oscar laughs a lot and he's very ticklish. He loves to jump in his jumpy chair but doesn't like being on his belly. He sleeps on his side best.

15. I love having my kids around. I'm finally feeling like I can accomplish things without constant help. Only took me about 9 months. Too bad I had to gain all sorts of weight in that time. I feel all sorts of sluggish and can't wait for good weather so the kids and I can enjoy the backyard while Brent goes to the library to get his work done.

I think that's mostly it. I have tons of projects already made and tons that I'm planning on making. I'll try to start getting pics up of those projects. And I really will try to post more regularly. It'll probably usually be short posts. Hopefully.

Love you all!


Marcy said...

It's good to "hear" from you! I will be excited to check out your kiosk when it's up! Our girls love their necklace sets.

Shell said...

I've seen some of the things you've made, and they're beautiful. And your living room looks great. As usual, you amaze me with your talent.