Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birthday Hat, Play Date at the mall, and another Flood

I'm trying to be creative. I've always known Felix had a huge head, but I underestimated and it was tight on him. I ended up taking out the elastic and he wore it happily for a few hours till it kept falling down.
We spent an afternoon at the Provo Mall with Miranda and a friend of hers. We even took a ride on the little train that goes around the mall. The kids loved it!
Friday night while at my sister's house, mom called to tell me that there was a flood. A pipe taking water to the kitchen sink broke and gushed for probably an hour or two before she found it. The entire back half of the house was totally flooded. This picture was taken after 2 hours spent with two shop vacs. In the kids' room, the only thing ruined was a book (not one of my favorites, thank goodness). In the kitchen the only thing ruined was a giant unopened bag of sugar. My juicer was on the floor and has been drying out on the back patio. We'll see if that survives. There was wood in the hallway that got soaked, and we'll have to tear the carpet out of the office. That'll be a huge job, so till we have the energy to do it, I'm burning lots of incense. It's smelly!

Also, last week my aunt Laurie died. She was diagnosed with cancer on Jan 4. She's my dad's next younger sister, and I didn't know her very well. Last night I went to the airport (in grotesque weather) to pick up Blaine and his family. The funeral was yesterday in Kentucky, and the burial is tomorrow in Spanish Fork. Blaine's family is staying here, and the other family members are at other relatives' houses. I'll try to get a cousin picture, but there will be lots of people missing. Sad though, that a funeral could bring most of us together better than anything else.

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