Monday, September 14, 2009

Pool Party

It doesn't especially look like it here, but Amelia really liked this. It's a little jumpy chair in the splash pool for toddlers. She was leaning over the side and splashing in the water and sometimes would even dip her face in the water. It was really cute, but the only pic of her enjoying it was a really unfortunate picture of me. Brent is no professional when it comes to pictures of me. :) The kids both enjoyed floating in the water. We went on the lazy river a couple of times, with Felix exclaiming, "Mommy, I floating!" Amelia kicked a lot and held on tight to her life jacket. She didn't mind the water at all. In fact, I think she really liked it.
We went swimming on Saturday as the first part of a birthday party. It was very fun. After the swimming we went to Ian and Amy's house to celebrate Camlin turning 2. The second part was also very fun. Nice to hang out with them. :)


CarrieAnne said...

Where did you go? This looks like a cool pool.

Dirtius Wifius said...

Lehi. One of the best pools I've ever been to. I'm thinking depending on how busy it is in the middle of the summer it might be worth it to get a membership. It's indoor enough that I don't have to be totally worried about my kids frying, but there is outdoor access too. Pretty snazzy.

Becca said...

The water looks so luring!