Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update on Amelia - day 3 (caution - scary pics)

So, as requested, we took Amelia to the doc again this morning to change her bandages. Dr. Freestone said it's healing nicely with no sign of infection, but again, it was a difficult experience.

It was much easier than yesterday, but she still screamed. She can't put any kind of pressure on her foot and she won't keep the bandages on her hands. Still, healing well.

You can see Amelia's toes - they're essentially all giant blisters. The pics of the bottom of her foot - what's hanging off is the oily gauze they put over the top of the exposed under skin. First they put on some thick antibiotic ointment, then they cover it in this oily gauze (so it doesn't stick), then they cover it with regular gauze and then a stretchy sock-like thing. The bandage is pretty intense. We're going back on Thursday for another change of bandages.


The Kaufmans said...

Poor girl...I hope she gets well soon..let me know if you need anything..even if it's just someone to complain to.

CarrieAnne said...

I think both Jonathon and Kaes burned their hand/arm areas really bad once each as toddlers. Michelle would have total sympathy on this. I'm glad The Kid escaped any burns as a toddler. I can't imagine the hell she would have put us through if she had to have one on. She was NOT an easy toddler!!