Sunday, May 2, 2010

That's right, I'm amazing!

This comes from a favorite web comic called xkcd.

So, it's been really nice to stay at home these past couple of weeks. Mostly though, it's been kind of life-saving. What with Amelia's accident and all the other sickness (Felix has now been sick - fever and throwing up - for 3 1/2 days... this is the second time since I quit working), it would have absolutely destroyed us if I had to keep working during it all. As draining as it is to deal with all this, it really is nice to know that I'm really actually needed and appreciated. And not just during crisis.

This pregnancy has been quite different. For one thing, I've felt only the tiniest bits of nausea and heartburn. I've still eaten everything in sight and gained plenty of weight, but I blame part of that on just not following my eating plan I was doing last year. I was dumb to stop.

The biggest symptom I've had to deal with is just exhaustion. A lot of that is from the pregnancy directly, and almost all the rest is from pregnancy indirectly (I sleep worse when I'm pregnant). Mostly though, my clothes fit me differently especially around the middle. I don't know that I actually look pregnant yet. Definitely bigger though.

We do have names picked out, and as soon as the Medicaid kicks in we'll go get an ultrasound and see if baby #3 is an exhibitionist like the first 2 were. Feel free to make suggestions on names though. hahahahaha


The Kaufmans said...

Henry is good and, of course, you know I like Charlotte.

The Hicks of Kentucky said...

Congrats!! How exciting!! A good boy name is Parker :o)

Kipluck said...

I LOOOOVE xkcd!!!