Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I'm pretty sure I got the cutest kids ever. They're well-behaved most of the time even, but really they're just so freaking cute that they astound me on a very regular basis. This photo courtesy of nephew Ethan, who is as enamored with my kids' eyes as I am. :)

Felix is totally potty trained, although he will sometimes wait just a little too long to go and then get stuck with his pants and have an accident. At church one day he peed all over his new tie because it was a little bit too long. He does still pee at night, although most of the time he wakes up to go (some day he'll be able to get up by himself and go by himself, but for now he needs help).

Neither Felix nor Amelia sleeps very much. That is a constant source of frustration for me, but they're mostly very healthy so I don't actually worry. I'd just like more sleep myself.

Both kids are little meat eaters. They adore eggs and hotdog-type foods. Felix totally got into a steak on Sunday. Amelia loves jerky. Thankfully, they also both really like vegetables.

Felix has really gotten into role play lately and will jump around and say he's a rabbit. Or he'll crawl around meowing and saying he's a cat. He also likes to growl.

Just now he said he wanted to go upstairs and when I said he could go in a little bit he said, "But I want to go upstairs a whole bunch!"

Felix especially loves his grandpa and will spend every moment he can with him. When grandpa goes to work, Felix begs him to stay. Felix also loves his cousins. This morning he requested that Rachel come over to play with him, which will free me up and allow me to get some housework done.

Amelia has just a ton of little mannerisms that crack me up. She's so darn cute and I'm pretty sure she knows it. When she wants to be sad or angry she squints her eyes and gives a fake little cry. She always holds the back of her hair with one hand when she's drinking a bottle, which looks totally poised. She scrunches up her nose to grin. And she talks constantly. When she wants you to follow her, she'll half look behind the whole way to make sure you're still following, often running into walls and corners.

Amelia has a very strong opinion on many things and we're trying to break her of the "Mine!" habit.

More than anything, Amelia loves her big brother. She follows him around everywhere and if she can't find him she'll go looking, crying out, "WeWe! WeWe! WeWe!" For a while in the mornings she would come to me first, asking, "where's WeWe?"

Amelia is typically the first one to bed and the first one awake - usually by a couple of hours on each end. It's tough when my body wants to be asleep till at least 8 and she's wide awake at 6 and wanting to play.

She also dances. Like to everything. Give her any kind of tune and beat and she'll be wiggling all over the place. She LOVES music and dancing. Super cute.

And then there's water. I wish I had some pictures. The kids are both madly in love with any kind of water. This is bad sometimes because the kids don't ever want to leave. Or get out. Or stop playing in the sink. But it's a really easy/guaranteed way to entertain. I would really love to have a little wading pool for the kids to play in out back. And a trampoline. The kids both love those too.

All in all, my little monsters are about the cutest things ever. I'm actually kind of worried to have a third because I can't imagine another one could measure up in cuteness. Of course, that's a silly thought. It's like we've won the jackpot twice already. Odds are good little Oscar will be just as beautiful and lovable.

For now, however, I'm seriously enamored. Most of the time. They really can be monsters with a specialty in mayhem and destruction. But dang! they're cute! :)


The Kaufmans said...

Pretty blue eyes

Andrea said...

Hey, if our third was a boy we thought about Oscar. Your kids ARE cute.

Ethan said...

I love the Felix roleplay! :D

Amelia fake crying cracks me up too. Your kids really know how to play the game!

-- Ethan

Kristin said...

Yes, yes they are. You should enter that photo in some kind of contest by the way. Incredible!