Saturday, November 17, 2007

Now the week is over...

This is Felix, learning the ins and outs of Mario Brothers.

I ended up taking Felix in to the doctor again. His regular pediatrician was out so he saw the next available doc. This doc is a little guy but very attentive. He recommended a steroid shot to ease the swelling of his airways, and he even called a few hours later to follow up. I was so impressed. Felix only has a regular cold now - no more wheezing.

I have figured out in the past couple of weeks that when Felix is really tired he wants his dad (yes, he really did fall asleep like that, right after he had slobbered biter biscuit goo all over Brent's shoulder). He gets frustrated with me but will snuggle into Brent's shoulder. But when Felix is awake and wants to play, he looks for me. Most of the time this is because Brent puts him down to play by himself on the floor, but I pick him up and play with him. Of course Brent plays with him sometimes, but when he has work to do, well, he just has to put him down.

This morning Felix got us up and I tried getting a little bit more sleep. In my haze of sleep, I could hear the crying getting slowly louder. I finally lifted my head to see Felix slowly crawling down the hall (with Brent supervising) to come find me. I told Brent I wanted to get a little more sleep so he took Felix back into the office. But not too long after that, Felix crawled out the door and back down the hallway to come find me. Really, how cute is that?!

Felix asleep, swaddled in his swing with a biter biscuit in his mouth.


Laurie said...

AWW! Such funny and yet such SWEET pictures those are!

That was pretty funny, the visual of Felix crawling and crying. How cute!

Man, I'm glad he's finally getting over his croup. Micah has had it too and it scared the life out of me when he first got it. It is HORRIBLE!

jenica said...

way cute. hope you all get feeling better soon. f and g are both like that when they get sick, cough so hard they throw up. i keep an inhaler and mask on hand during cold season, it's the only thing that helps. that and running a humidifier all night long. (((bighugs)))

ps have you ever applied for biggest loser? that would be SO cool. i luff that show!