Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rainy days and Tuesdays...

Actually, I'm pretty sure it's been nice weather out lately. I just have barely left the house in a while.

Felix continues to struggle with croup but at least he's finally showing signs of getting better. We decided to let him take a nap at 9 tonight and he slept for an hour. That means he'll probably be up till 2, but he was so miserable we couldn't help it.

I'm feeling much less sore in the belly and I am feeling like I can eat mostly normally. Smaller portions, but that's not a bad thing at all. I caught a few minutes of Biggest Loser tonight and I thought again that I could totally win that under the right circumstances.

This morning I woke up and started sneezing. That's a really bad sign for me because it always heralds a bad cold. I sneezed for about 20 minutes straight and have been coughing ever since. My throat is all sorts of scratchy. :( I guess it's at least a really good thing this didn't come last week, because coughing this hard with holes in my belly would be absolute torture.

Felix, while recovering, is still coughing quite a bit. I think we're going to try to take him in to the doc tomorrow. He's been coughing so hard that he throws up everything in his stomach and there doesn't seem to be anything we can do to alleviate that. It's really hard watching an infant suffer, especially when he's normally so dang cheerful! He still smiles a lot and plays, but now he struggles for every breath. Or at least it sounds that way. And when he eats, well, he sucks it down desperately and then ends up choking on it.

I have a couple of fun things coming up, and if I have to, I'll get a mask to wear. I'm sick of being stuck in the house. I need social interraction! That's really how I make it through the winter. That and my favorite TV shows. heh

Brent and I seem to get hooked on a new show about once a year. When we first got together it was Lost. Last year it was Heroes. This year it's Chuck. We're still obsessed with all three. I can't wait till Lost comes back on in January. I think it's because I like zoning out on other people's drama. Not too much drama. Not contrived. I can't stand things like Desperate Housewives or daytime soaps. They bore the snot out of me. Maybe it's the fantasy, I don't know. In fact, it probably is that.

Tonight I watched Bones (predictable but fun), House (also predictable but fun), and SVU (way too predictable and depressing). I think I prefer TV that I couldn't write and that take me to an alternate reality. I watch TV because I don't want the real world. Don't give me any of that news crap. Or the hardened cop dramas. Or the lawyer shows (although Boston Legal can be very funny at times). I'd rather escape into something totally unbelievable. Like flying. Or a nerd actually being a secret spy (I have to say, however, that Chuck as a nerd is kind of a stretch). Or a mysterious island that won't let go of its inhabitants.

Call it a weekly vacation. That reminds me of Fantasy Island. Anybody out there remember that show? I don't think I was in love with Mr. Rourke, but I was in love with the concept of going to a place and living out an experience that you couldn't have in any kind of reality. Maybe I'll just stick with the fantasies. It's a lot less expensive than traveling and easier to discuss. Oh yeah, tomorrow is another new show that we're in love with - Pushing Daisies. Another fantasy.

If you haven't watched any of them, I'll put in a plug. Lost is going to start season 4 in January so if you haven't watched it before you may want to just borrow the DVDs. It can get addicting. I believe you can still watch last season at abc.com.

Heroes is in season 2 right now. I think you can watch all episodes at nbc.com, but if you need access to season 1, we've got them.

Chuck is season 1 and way fun. nbc.com for all episodes.

Pushing Daisies is also season 1 and way fun. Totally surreal, very entertaining. abc.com for all episodes.

In summary, sickness is bad, but TV that can take your mind off it is good.

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CarrieAnne said...

I'm glad things are looking up. You should watch Life. It's my new favorite show.