Friday, September 7, 2007

Cuz I'm a gimp, ya ya ya!

Over the last couple of days as I've had to rely on Brent for the simplest of needs, I've come to realize just how amazing he is. It's not like it's really new information because I've understood from the beginning that he's a great person. But this really is the extra mile.

Not only does he basically take care of Felix probably 95% right now, but he makes all the food (including the dinner I promised to my visiting teachee who just had a baby), does laundry, and bring me everything I ask. And he does it all without any hint of a complaint.

So I'm pretty much out of commission what with the being on crutches and all, but Felix has had a hard week too. He started peeling a couple of days ago and we could tell that although his sunburn may not be painful anymore it's still uncomfortable. He's got a large sore on his left temple where the skin split somehow and a couple of scabs on his nose where I think he scratched the skin off too soon. Poor kid. But he is doing better.

Brent made some yummy stroganoff last night so we had that left-over for lunch today. Felix is starting to realize the connection between taste and putting things in mouths and he watches us closely when we eat. So we got out the peas. I know it's kind of cruel to be eating something so wonderful as this slightly spicy yumminess and then be sticking him with the blah-ness of mushed canned peas (which is exactly what it smells like). So I would take his little spoon and get a tiny bit of the sauce from my stroganoff and then get some peas. And he seemed to really like it.

I wonder if my love of spicy and extremely flavorful foods will be passed on to Felix...

So, apparently my camera didn't survive the weekend and I'll have to send it in to be repaired before I can take any new pictures. I'm really sad about that, but thankfully, I have lots of good friends and relatives with cameras. Until I can take more of my own, I'll be relying on their pictures.

Speaking of which, here's a pic of Felix that my new friend Kim took at that same picnic as our family pic. Enjoy!


evoexplorer said...

hello baby... chak !!

Dirtius Wifius said...


Kipluck said...

Did that dude just call your baby a CHALK? Because, I gotta say, that's a little odd.

Dirtius Wifius said...

would it be weird to just delete it? if it made any sense (even from a complete stranger) I wouldn't care, but that doesn't make any sense at all.