Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Felix isn't quite crawling, but he is scooting all over the place. Backwards.

He's not quite ready for lots of baby food, but he studies us intently when we eat and he wants to try everything. He loves mushed carrots and sweet potatoes, but he's not so fond of peas.

He's not quite pushing himself up to a sitting position, but he tries and he will sit now unassisted without falling over too often.

He doesn't quite understand the wire plaything with the moveable beads, but he does sit and play with it anyway. Mostly he'll try to put the beads in his mouth.

He doesn't quite feed himself yet completely, but he will grab his bottle and steer it into his mouth and feed himself if we'll coach him. He's at the point of putting everything in his mouth to try out the texture, but if it's small enough he will choke on it. He doesn't seem to mind even then.

He doesn't quite communicate with us about anything, but this morning for the first time he very clearly made the sign for milk and smiled when I asked him if he wanted milk and made the sign to him. Yay! My 7-month-old baby is starting to communicate!!!


Kipluck said...

I am a major fan of Sign for babies! It is so cool when this baby would can't speak yet can still SAY what they want!

jenica said...

that's awesome that he's already signing! how cool is that? all of my babies crawled funky at first. ;-D e rolled, f threw himself like he was swimming the butterfly, and g scooted on her bum.

Katz said...

how long have you been signing? we've been signing with bronson since he was 3 weeks old and he still just stares at us and laughs.