Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here's hoping for a very productive week...

I really want my baby home. That being said, I'm very thankful that she's in the hospital. She's getting some amazing care, I'm getting some extra sleep, and she's protected from all the germs going around.

As of this moment, doctor's orders are for Amelia to nipple every 2 out of 3 feedings. That means she gets to breast or bottle feed every 3 hours - with one gauvage feeding after every 2 nipple feedings. Since she did really well yesterday, I'm hoping to talk the doctor into letting her try to nipple feed every feeding but not to force them. See, we tried having her nipple feed every feeding, but she only did about half. I think forcing her to wake up for the feedings was more tiring than she was ready for.

It's tough to give updates when it feels like we're in a holding pattern. Amelia weighs almost 7 pounds now, so she's growing very well. But she's just not eating enough on her own to go home. So we have lots of ups and lots of downs. She had a 24-hour apnea study done and we'll hopefully get the results this afternoon. Dr. Freestone thought she could have reflux, which is making her pause in her feedings and triggering the apnea. Sounds bad, but it's very treatable.

So, no word yet. Amelia is still safely tucked away in the special care nursery at Timp Hospital. For the moment, she's back near a window, so if anyone wanted to come and see her they could. Once I find my camera again, I'll take more pictures.

Oh, on Saturday I had a houseful of extremely helpful volunteers. We got my living room organized for food from the kitchen, we cleaned out the kitchen (making it ready for renovations), cleaned out a bedroom downstairs so we could move back downstairs, and organized a room upstairs for storage. We got a whole lot done, which made me feel wonderful. I would still like to get a bunch more done, but I'm feeling much more relaxed about everything.

Yay for all kinds of progress!


Ethan said...

I'm sorry I wasn't available to some help!!

i already promised Judy, and she took me to see Twilight.

Becca said...

You should see how to get rid of that widget if you want to...