Friday, January 2, 2009

Due Date

I figured now was a good time to take down the widget seeing as how today is Amelia's due date. That means she's now 5 1/2 weeks old.

She's being a very typical infant - keeping me up all night, taking all my time during the day. Thank goodness she will occasionally sleep for long periods of time (up to 6 hours even) so I can accomplish some things and get some rest.

Felix is being all sorts of goofy lately. I finally cut his hair again so he no longer looks like baby Einstein. He now looks like a very cute little boy. No more baby for him. I can't believe he's almost 2 already. I guess the time really does fly!

We didn't do much for Christmas this year. We did finally buy ourselves a bed frame a couple weeks ago so we called that our present to each other. Officially, I gave Brent a t-shirt and a bag of chips. My mom gave me a diaper genie. But the best present ever was the tiny vacuum we bought for Felix. It wasn't actually on Christmas, but close enough.

See, I had seen a toy vacuum in a catalog a while back and thought that would be fun since Felix is obsessed with our vacuum. The toy vacuum even worked for real! But when I saw the little bright blue Eureka at Wal-Mart I had to buy it. It's essentially a hand vac with a telescoping handle and a floor attachment. Less than $20 even.

The best part is how much Felix loves that thing. He wakes up in the morning thinking about it ("mommy, battuum!"). He even moans about it as he's falling asleep. So freaking cute. I need to get it on film before it loses its grand appeal. But really I want him to love that thing for a very long time because I don't especially like vacuuming myself. I'd be thrilled if my kids loved all the housekeeping tasks I hated... Wouldn't you?


Becca said...

He also says my name as much as he says 'batuum!"

Becca said...

Heather: Have you seen any commercials hosting Billy Mayes and his Big City Slider Stations or his Mighty Putty?

Beth said...

I love the vacuum! How cute is that. Great pictures too.