Sunday, January 25, 2009

More words and a Mystery Solved

The Felix Dictionary
ba-deen = bandaid
ba-pa = grandpa
ba-ma = grandma
gock = sock
guck = stuck
tew = shoe
pewn = spoon
pome = phone
pean = swing
pew-pew = computer

These are just a few of our favorites. It really is fun to see Felix get the hang of language. He does still need a translator for many things, but we did finally figure out one word that was getting the better of us. That's Brent's great accomplishment for the week.

Felix will often pair words with "we-we" and we had no idea what it meant. He will say "we-we bot-toh" (bottle) and "we-we bat-tuum" (vacuum). He says it all the time, in fact. Brent made the connection that "we-we" is actually "Felix". He's referring to himself or something that is his. When I told my parents about that discover this morning, my dad said he had just barely figured it out too.

This week was actually notable for a few other things:

* Brent painted and put the doors on the upper cabinets in the kitchen so I'll get to start putting food away this week. I'll finally have a living room again (and of course a kitchen)!

* I went to work and was told that there won't be anything for me to do for the foreseeable future (they made a bunch of layoffs in December) and I might want to look for a job. We would do fine with just Brent's income except for taxes. Taxes for the self-employed are killer.

* I got a ginormous cold - first of the season (which is quite miraculous, I think, because usually by the end of January I've had at least 2 terrible colds and am on my third) and my sinuses are itchy. Felix and Amelia also have colds but mine is the worst.

* I started getting a bedroom ready for Felix and Amelia. It is now stripped of wallpaper. This week I will tear out the crusty moldy carpet and the baseboards, fix up the walls (spackle and sanding and such) and paint them, and seal the cement. Then (probably the week or two after that), I will put in laminate flooring and have Brent start on a really cool Spiderman mural. I'm excited. :)

Things are good. Progress is made. Life marches on.


Anonymous said...


I get it!! He's talking about himself! That's awesome. How did Brent figure that one out?

Say hi to the familius for me! (Oh and get better from your monster cold)

-- Ethan

nora.lakehurst said...

Fun for his vocab there. its always fun to figure out what they are saying. It amazes me somtimes when the eldest child will translate the younger child language. Good luck with the wall paper and get better.

Katz said...

Translating for toddlers amazes me. We recently figured out that when Bronson says "he-he", he's referring to Garrett.