Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A new endeavor and some work

I started a garage sale. On-line.

That's sort of it. It's more like an exchange of stuff. I call it The Family Garage. Check it out and feel free to participate. I'd love to keep it busy over there.

I found out yesterday that people were moving around at work so I emailed my team leader to ask if he had seen something I thought I had left. He said, "if you've got anything still here you better come get it today."

Sounds ominous, eh?

I went in and found that my stuff had already been moved, but at least they didn't just toss it out. Instead, it had been moved to the other side of the building. Apparently I now work for Dan. The interesting part about working for Dan is that he's the person who originally hired me when I started at my company over 12 years ago. Kind of a weird full circle.

Anyway, when I had taken Amelia in to the office to show her off, I had gotten the impression that there would be very little (if any) work for me anytime in the near future. And then when I got the email from Jared I figured they were just going to clear me out completely. Really scary in this economy.

I looked everywhere I could think of for my CDs (seriously, I'm devastated that I can't find them - they're all my picture CDs - all my Alaska pictures, everything), but nothing.

There was a bright spot: Dan asked me to come in today. Turns out that Jared was planning to fire me (let me go, anyway) but Dan had stepped in and said he would take me. Because I put in the time years ago, I have a job today. I'll even go in for a few hours tomorrow. I don't know how many hours I'll get here and there, but I should get some. And the fact that the long-term higher ups are vying for me (Jared is brand new to this part of the company) makes me feel really good.

Apparently putting in the time at a job you can barely stand for a wage that would disgust most pays off in the long haul. :)


Kristin said...

Phew, that was close. Congrats! Sorry about your CDs, that is annoying, I hope the show up soon.

Daisy Paige said...

Wow, way to go Dan! I'm so glad you get to work for him now. It's so nice to work for managers that you know value you.

Becca said...

Heather, I could never repay you for bringing us starving children dinner. I didn't mean it like that :) In my head I was picturing the heavenly chicken-noodle soup you made last week. Now that my stomach is full, I was being SO RUDE! Don't blame it on my parents. They didn't teach me to do that. I'm soooo sorry! But thank you so much. I feel so overwhelmed! I'm going to go nuts.

Dirtius Wifius said...

You're goofy. I would have been happy to share that yummy soup. I'll make some more this week and we'll bring it over. Or something.

Don't worry. It's all good. ;)