Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A post of pics

Most of these are from the last week. Felix turned 2 on Saturday. Yes, Amelia does have male pattern baldness. She has hair on top, just not a lot. But what she does have is a beautiful read - at least in natural light it's red.


Anonymous said...

Red hair is quite attractive ;)

Tell Felix that Eepii says happy birthday!!!

Is your kitchen all the way green yet?

Dirtius Wifius said...

We're not done with anything. Too bad Felix isn't the one with red hair, eh Eepii?!

Becca said...

Ethan: "Red hair is quite attractive" ?
I laughed- because you HAVE red hair. It's like me saying
"Strawberry blonde hair is sooooooooooo hot!" Hee hee.
You crack me up.
But you're right- I love red hair, especially on little girls.

Shell said...

Um, I hate to point this out, but Felix looks like he got in a fight with a weed whacker. What happened to his poor little face? His forehead is all scraped up. But tell him happy birthday and snuggle the red-head for me. Maybe one day I'll be completely over this cold and won't be afraid to come near her (or him, or you).