Friday, March 6, 2009

The Week of the ____ache

Not getting enough sleep has a definite negative affect on me. My back, neck, and head have been killing me all week.

Being in pretty much constant pain makes progress difficult. My house is a wreck. Felix's room is at an almost standstill (I say almost because every couple of days something small gets done or at least started).

I'd love to blame the mess on Felix. I mean, he's quite the little tornado. He seems to feel the need to displace everything. For example, I found a cutting board in the bathroom the other day. I can't blame everything on him though. Everyone who has experienced terrible headaches or migraines knows that bending over can be a problem. That means that what ends up on the floor often has to stay there for at least a little while.

I've been living week to week lately. It would be day to day, but Lost is only on once a week. I'm so in love with that show! I've decided that the winter belongs to Lost and American Idol. I have no idea what I'll do when Lost ends after next year.

Anyway, still working on the house, just very very slowly. The nice weather has been helpful in getting out of the house. Walks with Felix have been very pleasant. Too bad I can't tell if it's making my aches better or worse. Maybe they're indifferent.


Shell said...

Heather, you poor thing. Thank heaven for something to look forward to each week. Hopefully a break next Friday will help recharge your batteries.

Sylwia Lipinska Hardman said...


i dont like to bend down either when i 'm pregnant so i bought myself a grabber hand. they have them at target for 10 dollars in their as seen on tv section. that may help.

Becca said...

Heath: you know there's only one solution to your problem. During one of your headaches, write more on your story. Send it to a publisher. You KNOW the first one you send it to will publish it immediately. Then you can hire a maid. Or, buy a fancy house by us and THEN hire a maid. You'd probably be as rich as Orson Scott Card, Stephenie Meyer, J.K Rowling, and Stephen King!