Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am your new Pampered Chef lady

That's right, I joined an MLM. But since they concentrate a lot more on the products than on building your business through recruitment, I'm totally okay with that. Especially since I love the products.

I had my first party last night. It went fine, and amazingly enough, I'm just more excited about doing it. I'm going to get a website for internet orders soon, but in the meantime you can contact me to get all sorts of kitchen goodies.

I might hit you up to host a party. All that means is that you invite some people over for free food and a kitchen tool demonstration (there is the option of a catalog show where you just pass around catalogs and collect orders from anyone interested). Sounds easy enough, right? I promise there will never be any pressure to buy. I'm just not that kind of salesperson. :) Considering I'm right at the beginning (and really just testing it all out), I need practice.

Thank goodness I love to cook with good kitchen tools, and eat healthy and interesting food. Right?


nora.lakehurst said...

I would if I didnt already have a PC friend already. Katie sells it. So I get it from her. :( I do however hope your days of selling are wonderful and full of investments. :D

Shauna said...

Ha! I was totally thinking of doing this. I guess if I go the sales route, I'll have to pick something else now. :D