Sunday, August 9, 2009

Apparently I needed a nap

Yesterday we had a very full day. Pampered Chef meeting in the morning (I made this awesome lemon pudding cake that was just decadent), distant Webster family reunion near Ogden in the afternoon, and then a book club (The Midwife's Apprentice - good and easy read about life in the middle ages - YA book) and Hardman picnic in the evening.

As we were finally driving home, we saw the fireworks from Lindon Days and Felix was pretty unhappy that he couldn't stay and watch them. We told him that next time we went to the store we'd look for fireworks and maybe could buy some to do at home.
This morning both kids were pretty congested. Thanks to a very generous friend, we have a nebulizer for Felix and gave him a breathing treatment both last night and this morning. The wheezing makes ME uncomfortable! We stayed home from church because I didn't want to pass on any germs, and Brent got a good nap. Then this afternoon it was my turn. I slept for about 4 hours - it was a wondrous thing!

Felix is in that stage where he is learning to use tenses for all his verbs. He's pretty good at it. The best is when he asks questions because he inflects every word, making it sound totally sing-song. It ends up being something like: Are? You? Going? To? Buy? Me? Some? Fireworks? Brent and I giggle a lot over this.

Apparently while I was sleeping this afternoon, Felix asked where I was. Brent told him I was sleeping, but Felix insisted I was at the store buying him fireworks.

Man, this kid cracks me up!


Denys said...

Glad you got a nap and that Felix can get his treatment! :) Sounds like Felix is doing awesome on his speech development. I'm so happy for you guys! Isn't it entertaining? :)

Ethan said...

That's hilarious!!!!!! XD

Both of your kids are extremely cute -- with or without the fireworks ;-)

-- Ethan

Kristin said...

Naps for Moms are like pots of gold aren't they? Glad you got some much deserved sleep. I want the recipe for the lemon pudding cake. YUM! The book you describes sounds great too. I need to add that to my "to read" lest on Goodreads. Thanks for the recomendation.