Friday, August 21, 2009

Sometimes your meaning can be mistaken

Daddy: Come on Felix, we're going to sleep now.

Mommy: No, I'm going to attempt to go to sleep now.

Felix: I want to go to tempt.

(much laughter)

Daddy, patting his pillow: Tempt is right here, bud.

Felix: Go to nunno (another) tempt!

(more laughter)

Mommy gets up to get paper to write it down.

Felix, getting desperate: I want to go with mommy to tempt!

(still laughing)

Felix, crying now: Go new tempt!

Man, this kid cracks me up!

And now, a photo dump.

This is a fun Japanese balloon toy Felix got while we visited his cousins in Logan (who are hosting someone from Japan) along with an allergy to bird feathers - we think.

Ammon really liked my canned peaches and even after he'd been fed, he kept trying to take them from Amelia too. She wasn't very happy about it. :)

Amelia is normally a very happy baby and she's got those amazing blues like her big brother.

My lovely sister Sarah who visited us for a week just recently.

Getting changed during a Utah Lake activity with the family.

Before the weight loss... The family outting at Utah Lake in May. Can you tell she gets her skin coloring from her dad?

What a happy slobber baby!

For some reason, Amelia really likes chewing on people's faces.

One month apart. Can you tell who was full-term and who was a preemie?

Once he's sleepy, not much can keep him awake.


Becca said...

Nice Pics!! Nice story about the tempt :)

Anonymous said...

Felix is just so funny :-D
Thanks for all the pictures, it's nice to see some of the funny things that happen :)

-- Eepii

Jacob and Sarah Jenkins said...

du'oh! That is a truly alarming picture of me! But the others are really cute!