Monday, August 17, 2009

Gross, but really funny

While changing Felix's diaper this morning, "Bent (he doesn't quite have the "r" sound down yet), look at my green poop!"

Yesterday Felix and I took nice long naps so we were up very late. After normal bedtime but before we were tired, I did a bunch of cleaning and laundry. Got lots done. Feels great, but too bad it won't last.

We've been to some great movies lately, but Brent is going to review them for us. My nutshell reviews:

* Harry Potter was great but isn't a stand-alone movie.
* GI Joe was really campy and cheesy and the effects were terrible, but it was fun to laugh at.
* District 9 was intense and truly original and I loved it.

I finally got a new camera. I lost my previous one at Utah Lake 2 months ago. Thank goodness for cell phones with cameras, but I missed having a good camera around. Worst part was that some of the photos would get downsized to transfer and others wouldn't so some are much lower quality than regular. Brent was due for a new phone and since he wanted a camera too, we decided to get him a nice camera phone. Turns out the LG Dare has a couple of fun tricks along with a decent camera. Since it's bluetooth, you can download pics to your computer just by being in close proximity. And you can download songs onto the phone from your computer the same way. Pretty cool toy.

Summer has been filled with lots of long walks and bike rides, cleaning up Felix messes and hurrying after Amelia to keep her from danger (she's a champion stair climber now, as well as a really fast crawler). Felix is a great helper and an amazing talker. He loves making Amelia laugh. Yesterday after our nap, Amelia kept leaning over and looking at Felix with anticipation and a big grin on her face, hoping that Felix would start laughing with her. So freaking cute!

I've lost over 30 pounds of fat since I started my program a couple months ago. My clothes are starting to feel looser and people do say they can see it, but I'm still waiting for some drastic changes. Guess I just need to take pictures regularly so I can see the gradual progression. I'm going to go on vacation in January as a reward, so I better get my butt in gear.

My little sis was here for a week and we had lots of fun together. I need to get out to California to visit her there now. She says the weather in Alameda is stupendous, and since I already really like San Francisco, I think it would be a great time.

In all, this summer has been a good one. Tough financially (taxes are still kicking our trash), but filled with lots of friends and family. Good times.


Ethan said...

I had fun this summer too :-)

Does Felix always call his dad Brent?

-- Eepii

Dirtius Wifius said...

just started. Funny though. We keep trying to tell him to call him Daddy. heh