Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My 2¢

Okay, I have to chime in on the cutest kid alive. Here he is, enjoying his first tastes of baby foods. He obviously likes the banana goop. The way he pulls his lower lip up underneath his upper lip is priceless. His reaction to the peas goop was less than enthusiastic, however. He would open his mouth, no doubt hoping for more of the yummy banana stuff, only to be given green glop. His disappointment was readily apparent in his face. Crestfallen, he would listlessly move it around in his mouth and swallow it, reluctantly. Then his mean mother would bring another spoonful in front of his mouth, and he would again perk up, grinning broadly. Will this be the good banana stuff? The spoon goes in and his countenance falls. Peas again! Gag.

Poor Kid.


Denae said...


Here is a trick my pediatrician taught me with baby food.

You start with the Vegetables. for a good 2 weeks NO FRUIT. They get to love the veggies before the fruit is introduced then the dont always hate the veggies. My kids still love to eat veggies. Laira will gladly take a salad over chicken nuggets.

Hope I am not preaching, just sharing something that worked great for my kids

Daisy Paige said...

I was hoping to see pictures of Felix and I got a good one! He's a doll!

Kipluck said...

HOLY... what a FACE! He looks like a Cabbage Patch! Like a special edition porcelain one though, like my cousin has. Felix is GORGEOUS.

Laurie said...

Cabbage Patch! That is so true... one of the really, really cute ones. Man, I was cuckoo for Cabbage Patch kids back in the day.

Seriously, he's a looker. It's hard to say who he looks like the most, though... he's a pretty perfect blend, I'd say!