Thursday, October 18, 2007

Truth and Honesty in the Voucher Debate.

Tonight, KSL (channel 5) did a
piece on the truthfulness
of the spate of ads for and against Utah's Referendum 1. They essentially looked at two ads for either side of the issue. With some caveats, the two that were pro-voucher (one with oreos, and one featuring Representative Rob Bishop) were factual, telling the truth as far as they went. One might take issue with what they did not say, but what they did say was true. Vouchers would increase funding per student in public schools.

On the other hand, the two that were anti-voucher were untrue on nearly every count. Everything that they said was either a distortion of the truth or completely untrue. That is, at least, according to this report by KSL's Eyewitness news.

If I didn't already know which way I'll be voting, this might have made up my mind for me.


Jesse Harris said...

It's been a really nasty campaign overall (just go look up voucher stuff on the Bloghive for some examples) that's managed to lean in favor of voucher opponents. (I'm hoping that Gov. Huntsman's support might sway things a bit.) The best thing you can do is talk to friends, family and neighbors to get them on board with this program despite how slimy and inept Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) has proved themselves to be.

Dirtius Maximus said...

It's just so striking to me that voucher opponents are engaging in such rabid disinformation on the subject. That alone, just the issue of honesty, would lead me to want to support the vouchers.

jenica said...

YES! did you see the debate on ksl on wednesday night. the pro guy was all cool and collected, giving out the truth. the pta lady (aka the nazi regime) was so defensive and nasty. yuck. i am so pro!

Daisy Paige said...

A few nights ago, after the news, KSL's editorial board broadcast it supports the position of voting AGAINST Referendum 1.

Did I miss something here?