Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The rash

The rash started on Saturday, and in an effort to try something that will help the ear infections, I had him try some soy milk and the rash erupted. Thinking that he was probably allergic to soy (as Brent is), we gave him Benedryl and nothing happened. If anything, the rash is worse. My mom and dad now think we're looking at roseola or rubella. Only rubella would be worrisome because my dad says it's dangerous for pregnant women.

I spoke to a nurse (who consulted with a doctor) at the after-hours clinic about Felix's rash. She said that unless he seemed really uncomfortable I could wait till the morning. The rash does seem to be getting worse, but everyone assures me it doesn't look like chicken pox.

What do YOU think?


momodafoxes4 said...

definitely roseola...I wouldn't suspect rubella, afterall...he has had at least 1 MMR series, yes? That vaccine covers measels, mumps, and rubella. Is he running a fever as well?
Good luck with the doc...sick children are never fun...I hope they can resolve it.

Shauna said...

Poor baby!

Dirtius Wifius said...

The rash started while he was running a fever. Yeah, I think he's had at least one series of the mmr vaccine.

I made an appt with an allergist this morning for next week. Poor kid is going to hate going with me anywhere...

Beth said...

It looks like roseola to me also. I know my kids have had this rash A TON!

I wouldn't worry about rubella one because Felix has probably has his vaccine and two because when you are pregnant they test to see if you have been vaccinated for rubella.

When I was pregnant with Madison they tested me and I hadn't been, so as soon as she was born they vaccinated me. Then I didn't have a problem with the other two. I am sure they tested you when you were pregnant with Felix.

Rashes are never fun though. Poor baby.

Michelle said...

Goodness, Heather, it doesn't seem to end for you guys, does it? Have you seen the doctor yet? What does he say? I hope Felix is doing better by now, poor baby. And poor dad. And poor mom, especially! As soon as you're over this hurdle, we need to start talking girls' night again! I think you could use one!

Good luck!

Dirtius Wifius said...

So I spent some time on the phone with a nurse and after going through a huge list of symptoms and possible symptoms, she seemed convinced that it was roseola.

Apparently, he hasn't had his mmr yet (confirmed it with the nurse), so it is possible he got measles or rubella, but I had it when I was a kid so it won't affect me either way and it's relatively harmless to toddlers.

The nurse said she hadn't seen a single case of measles, mumps, or rubella since she's been working in Utah Valley, although my mom asked if he had been exposed to anyone who hadn't been immunized recently. And he has. We went to visit a Mexican family we knew from being ward missionaries and I would highly doubt any of them have been immunized. It's been a couple of weeks - about the length of the incubation period. So there's still a possibility. Sigh.

Michelle - yes, I'll be ready for another girls night soon. :)