Thursday, June 5, 2008

Round 4 of antibiotics

Yep, the ear is still infected. I have it on good authority that getting tubes would actually be a good thing, so I'm not going to sweat it. Yet. For now, I'll plan on our Medicaid application being accepted so that all of these doctor visits (including the upcoming ENT specialist if this latest round doesn't work) are covered.

I need a vacation. Maybe I'll do like Bob and take a "vacation from my problems!" Anyone know a crazy psychologist I can terrorize?

Please keep us in your prayers that this will all come together smoothly, including Felix having a lot less pain, the application being accepted and going retroactive (hospital bills, anyone?), bills getting paid, work being consistent, pregnancy being uncomplicated, etc.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds really stressful. Everything considered, often my prayers are short because I get so tired, but I will try hard to remember you guys. I hope 'Medicade' , whatever it is, works out for ya!

- Ethan (the geniusly lazy nephew :D :D)

Succubus and Saint said...

I am so sorry you have to deal with all this, on top of a pregnancy no less. You are a trooper. YOu are in my thoughts and prayers always.

CarrieAnne said...

I don't have a crazy phsychiatrist..but I DO have access to a mason jar, some water, and a fish! ;-)

jenica said...

my dad's a psychotic counselor and he could totally use a *friend* haha.

i'm sending my happiest, healthiest vibes your way!