Monday, August 25, 2008


I keep hoping I'll get around to having pictures to put up, but there really is nothing new. Well, nothing that I've downloaded yet. (in the meantime, here is Felix before he wiggled off the couch during his nap - yep, during, I caught his foot just in time)

About our stupid car... Turned out that the part that circulated the water for the water pump was completely missing, so that was fixed and the check engine light was reset again. Yay! Although we again have a working car, we are even more resolved to get a better one. Sheesh.

On Wednesday last week we packed up the car and headed toward Hanna, Utah. If you've never heard of it, there's a good reason. It's hardly a blip on the radar. We stopped just short of the town at a place called Warm Springs Retreat. It was really more of a campground with cabins and such, but that's where we were for the big family reunion, mom's side.

We spent the next two days playing on the tiny pond nearby (paddle boats and kayaks) and in the stream that went past the campground. I got fried because I didn't think we'd be out very long, but it was very pleasant. We also played lots of games, talked to cousins, played games with cousins, etc. It was so nice and relaxing and fun. Perfect.

On Friday morning we packed up and grabbed a nephew and headed home, very tired and somewhat sore and crispy. That evening at 5 we met at a nearby park for a final dinner to use up some leftovers and to meet up with those who were unable to make it for the whole thing. Again, very fun.

Saturday morning we again jumped in the car for a reunion - this time for the other side of the family, but it was really just for a group breakfast because one of the cousin's wives (and her family) was in town. Also relaxing and fun.

Afterward, my cousin Shauna and I decided to do some pregnancy shopping so we dropped the boys off (her husband had meetings) and went to the mall. 6 hours later, we waddled out of the mall, completely exhausted and laden with bags of goodies. I love getting new clothes that fit. :)

Good times, this past week. For stuff like this, I adore summer.

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