Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dissing a Calling (courtesy of Kristin)

Dear Wifius,

I need advice. I have two callings, one scouts, which requires meetings every Thursday 5:30-6:30pm every week but one pack meeting every month. 7:00pm to 8:00pm. Then I have another calling getting babysitters for Enrichment meetings which is about once every 3 months, on Tuesday nights. I have two actually in The next three months because of some special activity they want more people to come too. I am also supposed to attend to supervise and check on things.

The question is. I want to take a class at UVU. Tuesday and Thursday are the two days that work best. Which calling do I dis? Tim said he was fine with me dissing him at Pack meeting. I wouldn't miss den meetings since class starts at 7:00pm. But that is one I would be dissing every month. If I do the Tuesday class I would only be dissing two times. Aaagh.

Am I evil for wanting to take a class when it keeps me from "magnifying" my callings? I did that when I was enrichment counselor and I felt pretty crappy about it. When I have two callings though...I feel like I kind of have to dis one of them. I am taking the classes so that when my youngest is in 1st grade I can apply for graduate school and have a good list of good grades and extra classes on my application. I already received my B.S. 11 years ago.

Seeking the Greater Good

Dear Seeking,

I'm afraid that you're the only one who can truly answer the question. Essentially, you need to decide which calling needs you more.

Do you have confidence in Tim? Do you have confidence in the people you ask to babysit? Would the scouts be okay with only Tim to accompany them to the pack meetings? Do you have enough reliable babysitters that you would trust them without any supervision?

Another factor: Is the class the same on both Tuesday and Thursday so it's an either/or? Or are they two different classes? If it's the same class either day then it really is only up to the calling. But if it's different classes then you get to throw that into the mix as well. Then you get to ask things like, "Am I okay with having Tim do it alone once a month is the class I take is one I won't need till next semester?" and "Will the stress of this particular class add to the stress of trying to find a babysitter, and will it be worth it?"

The thing is that you're not completely dissing either calling by taking a class. You are fulfilling your scouting calling by helping the boys with regular/weekly activities and advancements. And you are fulfilling the enrichment calling by getting babysitters for the meetings.

Once you answer the questions, you might take it to the leaders and ask their opinions. I would guess they will have something to say, and that will help you decide. And when all else is equal - take it to the Lord. He will tell you if you need to wait on the classes or if you need to work on one calling more than the other. Or at the very least, He will help you find comfort in your decision.

Good Scouting/Enriching!


Dirtius Wifius said...

By the way...

What about dissing a calling just because you feel overwhelmed and feel like you can't handle the stress anymore?

At least you have a good reason! ;)

Anonymous said...

I still wonder how you are managing to be running a 'Dear Abby' thing on your blog. Mine barely gets two visits a week!

- Ethan