Thursday, September 25, 2008

Canning and movie review

On Tuesday I became a canner. Of course, me canning might be along the lines of Bob Wiley sailing, since I had lots of good help. Linda did a bunch of peaches while I prepared my veggies, and then Anne and Mom helped me put all my giardiniera together. It's basically marinated (not quite pickled, but along those lines) garden veggies. At 12:15 am, we packed up the car and headed home, leaving all the super hot cans at Anne's house. Linda and Mom had taken their leave earlier.

I ended up with 12 pint jars and about 20 quart jars of giardiniera. I think they might be hot, but I haven't tried any yet. I'm nervous.

Tonight Brent and I left Felix with Anne so we could sneak out to a movie. We saw Ghost Town. I would say it's highly likely that none of you have ever heard of it. The lead is Ricky Gervais (best known for being the boss in Britain's The Office, but he was also the head of the museum in Night at the Museum), seconded by Greg Kinnear and Tea Leoni.

Brent and I both laughed a lot. It wasn't quite as silly as Get Smart, but Ricky really has a gift for understated humor. Honestly it was hilarious.

But the movie wasn't all about the laughs. It was quite thought-provoking as well, and I ended up crying quite a bit. I would blame it all on the pregnancy hormones, but Brent assured me he was pretty close to crying a few times too.

It was a really good blend of funny and serious, and we decided we would group that movie with a few other favorites: Stranger than Fiction (very funny drama) and Dan in Real Life (also drama that is quite funny) specifically. Ghost Town is funnier than those two, but it's also really a drama.

It is rated PG-13. There are two F-bombs and some other mild swearing. There is also a conversation about a mummy's body part that isn't really for young ears. Otherwise, the movie is perfect. I would guess the producers added the swearing just so it would get the PG-13 and be taken more seriously as a drama. How many potential viewers would be unconsciously turned off by it being rated PG? I probably would have been.

Anyway, it is worth seeing. I really really enjoyed it. I think I'd even have to put it in my top 5 favorite movies of the year.


Shauna said...

Interesting. I wasn't really planning to see it, but I LOVED the other two movies you grouped it with, so now I might just have to.

BeatlesDiva said...

I hoping to see this movie within the next week or two. Sounds like a good one!

Kristin said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I need to do my canning today and tomorrow and for some reason I really dread it. I don't have family help like I did last year so it just seems like a long tedious job.

Dirtius Wifius said...

We're going to do peaches on Saturday (tomorrow). Wanna do your stuff with us? We have two steam canners to work with.

nava_jo said...

Thanks for the review. My husband and I had talked about seeing it. but Joseph thought the plot sounded like many other movies about people seeing ghosts. I thought it looked fantastic. :)

Becca said...

I want to see it. Am I old enough?