Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend fun

Try as I might, I don't remember Saturday. Must have been boring. Oh well.

Sunday was pretty normal too.

Yesterday, however, that was the biggie.

My wonderfully generous work offered to send all interested employees and spouses to Lagoon for free. And they offered to let us bring guests for just $15 per person. I had 20 guests. :)

On Sunday evening we had some serious rain and we heard that the weather was going to cool down quite a bit. I have to say I was slightly worried, mostly that my guests (older sis and her whole family, cousin Rob and his whole family, youngest brother Than and his wife, cousin Robyn and her boyfriend, and a random nephew and two nieces) would wuss out and I'd be stuck with a bunch of extra tickets.

On Monday morning we packed up early and headed north. We made pretty good time till we hit Salt Lake and the rain was so hard we slowed to 40 mph. The hail on the freeway was so thick and wet that it looked like heavy slush and when cars passed by too closely it was freaky because we couldn't see anything at all.

We got to Lagoon about 10 and the guy asked us if we really wanted to enter since they were probably going to close about 11 or 12. We turned around and drove to the nearest Wal-Mart to buy a stroller and a sweatshirt. (Felix was the only kid on the ride but he liked it just fine - it was still raining here)

By noon the rain had all but stopped, and by 1 there was hardly a cloud in the sky. Good thing, because we were COLD and WET and we needed to dry out and be in the sunshine. (so we could get cold and wet all over again - that's Brent in the blue)

As you can tell by the pics, we had some serious fun. I didn't win any prizes at the company lunch (they paid for lunch for the employees and all guests too), and by the end of the day I just ached everywhere. Apparently, pregnancy and walking all day are a bad combo. :)
(Felix LOVES Dip'n Dots apparently - his shirt says "if I don't match, it's because daddy dressed me")

The nicest part (besides the cheap as free tickets, of course) was that the rain and the coolness kept out the majority of the people, and there wasn't a single line that was more than 5 minutes long. (he may look stoic, but he actually loved this ride - he smiled and even waved a couple of times)

All in all, it was a perfect day. Lots of family, perfect weather (once it dried out, of course), and very few extra people to get in the way. :)


Shauna said...

Sounds like a blast! Except for the walking around pregnant all day. I can relate.

Anonymous said...

Felix is always cute when he's stuffing his face. :)

Who knew dippin dots could be so appealing??

- Ethan

jenica said...

we were going to go on labor day too! but we were some of the ones that wussed out by both the idea of rain and by the idea of dealing with a crowd. glad that you braved it and had a great time. ;-D


Becca said...

Yes, I agree! It was a total blast.
According to spongebob....
F= is for friends that do stuff together

U= U and Me

N= 'Nywhere at anytime, here in the deep blue sea!