Thursday, September 11, 2008

Only in Utah

No seriously. Check this out... I never would have accurately labeled this car, but it was parked so I saw that it was a Lotus. HOT FREAKING CAR! Right?

Well, look a little closer at the passenger seat... I didn't want to get all stalker-ish for a better picture. Can you see it? The thing on the passenger seat that makes it look more bulky? Yeah, that's the part that makes this view appropriate for: Only in Utah. It's a toddler car seat. Seriously awesome. I love American Fork.


BeatlesDiva said...

This is one car I've been checking out to purchase next year. They're tons of fun, but I don't think have a two-seater car with a V-10 engine is very safe for any kid still having to be in a car seat.

Shauna said...

Wow... someone nominate that moron for PARENT OF THE YEAR.

Andrea said...

I don't think a toddler can fully appreciate riding in a car like that. I volunteer to take his/her place.

Becca said...

I seriously have no interest in cars. I'll literally drive around in a beaten, peeling run down broken mexican gang van if i have to.

PS... but i must say that car looks pretty cool :)