Saturday, April 4, 2009

Better Pic?

I was told that maybe if I cropped the pic I would look better instead of older. I know I need lots of good sleep and a much better angle and lighting. But I really think that shorter hair looks better on me. I guess I don't really care if you agree or not. I like it and that's really all that matters. Right?


msjvd said...

Heck no, who do you think you are kidding?


And I love it! It's adorable and way fun!

Kristin said...

I think it looks great, and no matter what other people say, if you feel better in it you will look better because of the confidence you feel.

Anonymous said...

Well, you are somebody's old lady.


nora.lakehurst said...

We so need to go do that photo shoot. Call me man.

Shell said...

I do think it looks good, and I'm glad you like it, but the question is, does Brent like it? I don't know what it is with men and long hair, but I don't dare cut my hair that short (well, for a lot of reasons, but one of them would be the constant whine from Matthew).

And I'm just kidding. It's more important how you feel about yourself than what Brent thinks. Even more than Matthew's opinion, I spent my entire growing up with short hair and hated it. Even though I'm not so thrilled with the constant ponytail, I'm terrified to go back. Curly hair is such a pain.

You, however, look great, and it must be so much easier to deal with with two little kids. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Your new hair looks great Heather :)

Hope the familius is doing well!

-- Ethan

Dirtius Wifius said...

Brent is essentially of the opinion that if it's good enough for me it's good enough for him too. He does like my hair long, but he doesn't like that it bothers me so much. He'd much rather I was happy. Thank goodness!