Saturday, February 9, 2008

Make a Mix

Today I made mixes with my friends. It was fun and now I have three mixes - brownie mix (I just add oil, egg, and maybe water, I can't remember), buttermilk pancake and waffle mix, and hot roll mix (it makes like 12 super duper yummy-sounding recipes and I can't wait to try it).

Afterwards I went to Hollywood Video and picked up Dragon Wars (it looked horrible and Brent and I needed something to laugh at) and Balls of Fury. Then I tried to find Papa Murphy's Pizza but I couldn't find it so I went to Papa John's (took me forever to remember which was which). I found a good pizza for Brent, but then nothing looked good for me. We started having to order different pizzas because I can't do the meat pizzas anymore. Not since I was pregnant with Felix. Now I get heartburn really bad. Anyway, I was complaining to the people at Papa John's that their toppings weren't as good as Papa Murphy's but I went to the address in the phone book and it wasn't there and the guy behind the counter told me it was just two blocks away. So I ordered the meat pizza for Brent from Papa John's and then ran over to Papa Murphy's for a gourmet veggie thin crust pizza for myself. YUM!!!!!!

Dragon Wars was appropriately awful. We had lots of fun making fun of it till Brent fell asleep. I watched the end anyway. It's so bad. I want to own it now and inflict it on all my brothers and nieces and nephews. My sisters might even get a kick out of it. Good times.

Now I'm thinking I need brownies...

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