Thursday, February 28, 2008

A new day

Last Saturday I went to a slumber party and then a bunch of us went out to eat. It was a good party and a wonderful evening. If you know what they are (no sleeping over involved), you'll understand, but otherwise, you'll just have to wait till you get invited to one. Good times.

I got up early today and went to work early so I could come home early. That was lots of fun for me, but at least my cough is starting to recede. It's a happy thing for me.

I spent just a couple of hours at work and then came home to watch Felix so Brent could relax. We took a walk (Felix and I) and hung outside for a bit and then my niece Lauren called and asked if she could come over.

When she got here, the three of us bundled up and walked down to the dollar store. We had a nice long walk and trip and we really enjoyed ourselves. My throat is much better, but Brent is still miserable. I guess it's just his turn. Poor thing. This bug going around really is horrible.

I got a new calling tonight. That's kind of surprising because I'm also a ward missionary for the Spanish ward and I had the impression that I was off limits for other callings for the duration. No biggie though. Not a tough calling, just a calling. I'll let you all know after I've been set apart. I wonder if they'll want me to attend church more than just this week, since we've been going only to the Spanish ward.

Really I'm just rambling. Slumber party. I had a good day. My cough is finally letting up. I got a new calling. Um, that's it.


CarrieAnne said...

What's NOT to love about a Slumber Party? ;-)

Kipluck said...

I HATE the cough!!! But I guess it's better than Pneumonia. So I am happy for the cough.