Tuesday, July 1, 2008

All About Saturday

This last weekend was extremely pleasant.

Although it was very short, first we ran over to the Llama household to say happy birthday to Porter. Next week we'll attend his baptism. It was pretty hot and it was mainly a bunch of little kids, but we wanted to support Jason and Char more than anything.

I organized a reunion get-together in the park for as many members of my old singles ward as I could find (I contacted over 40 people). There were even a few people who came that I hadn't contacted. Basically we just sat in the shade and caught up and chatted while the various kids played. I still don't have my camera cord yet, so I'll have to gather pictures from Andrea or someone else that took pics.

After the reunion, we ran to a park in American Fork (my new favorite park - this place is awesome and I'll only divulge its location to people I really like, and only if they ask really nicely) where my family had a big picnic. My sis-in-law Sylwia was there with her 4 kids (they're here from Georgia for a month while my bro is busy with doctor stuff - Sylwia also came to the ward reunion because that's where we first met and essentially where she met Josh), Dan and Linda with their 7 kids, Anne and Denny were both working (Anne at the hospital and Denny on projects) so mom and dad brought their 5 kids to the park.

There's a wading stream through the park that's about 4 inches deep and maybe 4 feet across. The kids had a lot of fun getting wet. There was lots of shade so it didn't seem too hot (plus the water was super cold so it was easy to cool off). Felix played in the dirt the whole time and threw everything he could find in the water (including Grace's shoes).
It was so nice there at the park. I'm seriously in love with it. If I had more than my cell phone to take pics with, I'd have done a photo piece and you'd see for yourself.

I think it was Friday that dad set up one of my little kid wading pools in the backyard. We took Felix out on Sunday as soon as it was in the shade (which meant the water had warmed up nicely during the day) and he LOVED it. We took him out again yesterday. He had so much fun. You can tell he's just in heaven...


momodafoxes4 said...

ooooooooooooooooooooh..a fun park? Do tell where when I see you on the 4th, kay? And a big awwwwww for the nakee baby pic!! He looks 100% better!

Shauna said...

Wow... that's quite a smile!

Darci said...

My kid can't get enough of both parks and water this summer. You will have to tell me where that park is.

That last picture made me smile about as big as Felix is! He looks so dang cute :)

BeatlesDiva said...

That pool picture is the cutest! Better keep that around in a few years to show his finance.

jenica said...

that last picture is so cute! he totally has heather's smile. ;-D