Saturday, July 5, 2008


Felix has responded really well to all the treatments so far. The nurse said he was wheezing a little bit this morning, but after his treatment he's doing much better. He's been off oxygen for over 24 hours and now the only thing he's hooked up to is the i.v., which is making sure he's getting enough fluids. I keep hoping they'll decide he's eating and drinking enough and then even if they keep him for observation it'll be easier not to have him attached to anything. We'll see what his doctor says when he gets here today. [update to the update: the nurse just came in an unhooked his i.v. He's still got the bandages and splint on his arm, but no cords! Yay!]

The doctor who saw him yesterday said he might be able to go home today. Cross your fingers with us!

Brent and I both are kind of stuffed up and sick now, so even if Felix were out of the hospital we'd be homebodies this weekend. Oh well. At least Felix would be able to explore.

My mom came and hung out with Felix for a couple hours last night so Brent and I could go see a movie. We saw Hancock. It was really interesting (fascinating premise actually) and kind of fun, and it had a twist that neither of us saw coming at all. It made me think and I did laugh. But mostly it made me think. And I like that in a movie.

Anyway, we're still in the hospital, still without a definite time for leaving. But we're doing better.

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Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Good luck with Felix. I hope he's 100% better soon.

Hey, we saw Hancock on Friday -- exact same reactions. There was actually a fire alarm in our theater about half way in, and I wouldn't have minded going home. Though the rest would be just ho-hum. But that twist was great, and quite original/thought-provoking.