Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hospitalization #3

On Tuesday morning Felix woke up with a really runny nose. He started coughing throughout the day and was coughing so hard it would make him throw up. He was pretty unhappy about it, as you may imagine.

Last night he started wheezing, but since we had a follow-up with the doctor today for his latest ear infections, I didn't bother calling the doctor.

He struggled all night (miserable and making mom and dad miserable in the process) and by this morning he was really having a hard time breathing and he had stopped eating.

When the doctor finally saw him (we waited for over 40 minutes because the doc was behind and they didn't realize he was having breathing issues), he diagnosed respiratory distress and sent us to the hospital.

So here we are again. Chest x-rays are harder to read than I would have thought (is it pneumonia or is it just asthma? different opinions apparently - we've been told both but haven't heard from the doc yet), but Felix is definitely still very unhappy.

I'm exhausted and frustrated and disappointed (no big family party tomorrow, no visiting families over the weekend). Sigh. The doctor promised me we'd actually fix this. That was the first time I had heard any promising prognoses since this all started.

Thank goodness (again!) for Medicaid.

Update: Doc said the chest x-rays were inconclusive for pneumonia so they're treating him with heavy-duty antibiotics anyway. Doc also said they're going to try to get him released Monday in time for his allergy appointment. 4 days in the hospital. Minimum. Anyone want to visit they are absolutely welcome. And of course, prayers are appreciated.


Pinky said...

Oh! Heather I'm so sorry ... it sounds just awful! My 8 year old has asthma too but never has been hospitalized. I hope they get to the bottom of it fast and that Felix will feel better soon. I'll keep all of you in my prayers.

Succubus and Saint said...

How discouraging and frightening this must all be for you. You deserve for your next kid to be like superman and never get sick or rashes, or infections. . YOU are in our thoughts and prayers.

Beth said...

Poor Felix must be miserable. We're so sorry!

Ethan said...

Wow, goodness. I am so sorry - for you guys especially - Felix is always sick or rashed or infected or near dead, which means you and Brent get pulled along with him.

Medicade?? Is that some kind of insurance? I swear someone said you didn't qualify - or was that CHIP?

- Ethan

Daisy Paige said...

Woah. Just saw this post and will put Felix into our prayers stat!

Hang in there, darlin'. Surely you're due for a break soon!