Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Floor soup

First, I emptied the can into the huge soup mug.

Then I set it on the counter, pushed back so it wasn't on the edge, and I went to get water to thin the soup.

I heard noises while I was gone and figured Felix was playing in the plastic-ware on the bottom shelf.

This is what I found instead:

When I yelled down the hall for Brent to bring me my phone (camera), Felix freaked out and ran from the room crying. I thought it was funny. He ate most of it, which was also okay because I was making it for him.

Sigh. I need a real kitchen. What a little punk. :)


Succubus and Saint said...

Mmmmm my favorite. Another favorite is carpet fuzz cheerios.

Michelle said...

Um, if it was on the counter, pushed back, how did he get it? He's still a little guy, or has he grown that much since I last saw him? He looks like he's still little. What you can see through the noodles, that is. Is he part giraffe or part monkey?

Dirtius Wifius said...

I've already decided he's part monkey, but this time I think he just really reached for it and stretched. I was pretty sure he hadn't grown that much, but apparently he's part weed too. :)

Carpet fuzz cheerios. Yeah, we've named just about everything else "floor prize."

Succubus and Saint said...

Joe would get so mad when we would vacuum up food off the floor when he was that age. We called it "food storage" for when mom was napping or just saying it wasn't snack time yet.