Sunday, January 13, 2008

Getting crafty. Or not.

When my friends and I get together to be crafty, we often just waste a lot of time chatting and drooling over hot movie-type guys. Tonight (well, last night really) was no exception. We watched Dear Frankie (still getting our fill of Gerard!) and then the Kiera Knightly version of Pride & Prejudice.

But I actually got something done. Not as much as I would like, but I did do something. See, when I posted the picture of my slocks, they weren't quite finished. They were a bit big around my feet and I hadn't finished the tops. Tonight I sewed in closer around the toes so they are a perfect fit, and I sewed in elastic at the tops.

I've decided I want to make them for other people too, but I'm a little unsure how to size them. You see, I'd love to be able to mass market them, but since they're such fitted things, I may have to make them out of stretchy material. Maybe I could take generic measurements. Not really a bad idea, but I may have to practice by having some select friends/relatives send me some numbers and seeing if I can get them at all close to the right size. What do you think? Are you interested in your very own pair of slocks? :)

Lis generously let me leave everything over at her house (lugging around my sewing machine is the one thing I don't like about our crafty parties - that thing is heavy!) and we're going to regroup on Monday. I have a few pillows to sew (that I don't know what I'll do with once they're done) and more slocks to make. I need to figure out if I can make them for Felix. That kid gets the iciest cold feet! I'll post pics Monday if we actually accomplish anything. I'm going to experiment by taking Felix with me. Not sure how that'll work, but Brent has been so patient and understanding, I'd love to give him the evening to play video games or whatever. Wish me luck!


Daisy Paige said...

I think mass-producing your slocks sounds like an awesome idea! You could become the next rich-person-that-merely-started-with-a-great-idea! If you want to use my feet as guinea pigs, just let me know!

Succubus and Saint said...

Hey Heather and Brent,
I was just cheking out your blog page and profile. I didn't know we had so much in common. I need to chat Meyers Briggs with Brent too. I am an INFJ and Tim is an ENTP.

CarrieAnne said...

Hey, so your friends must really suck if they don't let you craft on "craft night". I'm sure glad I don't have friends like that!

They probably fill your inbox with trivial emails too. Bitches.