Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Leg Lovers

Yep, they've been named.

I have to admit that the baby ones don't stay on very well, but I blame that on Lis. Last night when I made some that ended up being too small for Felix she was telling a story about how one of her kids almost got his foot cut off by elastic that was too tight.

As you can imagine, I'm spooked. The adult ones work way better, but at least you get a sense of what they look like finished and how they might work for a naked baby. :)

If you want a pair for relatively cheap (cost of materials plus a dollar or two for labor - this is really still in the working-out-the-kinks stage), email me. That means you Paige. And anyone else who is interested.

Here are the measurements I need to make them fitted:
1. foot size (if you live close or have access to a scanner, trace your feet instead because size isn't really a good indication of shape)
2. instep (just measure from the floor over the top of the highest part of your foot and back to the floor)
3. ankle
4. biggest part of the calf
5. top of the calf and below the knee (where the elastic will go)
6. from the back of your knee to the floor while standing

I'm serious about this. Next time I make it out to do errands I'll try to find some stretchy fluffy fabric, but for now it's just the really comfy warm fleecy stuff I made for myself. You can also request color. I'm thinking they'll be less than $8 total for a pair for now, but once I get in the groove and stuff I'll start charging more.

So get your orders in! :)


Michelle said...

What an awesome picture! Felix is adorable in his leg lovers, which is no surprise. I still have to work on mine, but that's no surprise either.

Beth said...

Sorry about freaking you out. I put the ones you made on Davis and they fit great. I am going to put the elastic in them today. I'm so excited! I'll get a picture of him in them so you can add it to your collection.

Wendeloo1 said...

Love Them! I think they would be great for babies, since socks never stay on! I love how they go to the top of your calf! Felix - he looks like a really happy baby ALL the time! That would be a good pic for advertising.

CarrieAnne said...

VERY cute picture of you guys! I am waiting for the ones Michelle is making me. ;-)

Kipluck said...

Oooh! Like 80s leg warmers and some sort of Eskimo socks combined!

Daisy Paige said...

I'm so sorry I haven't caught up sooner! I'm sending you an email with my measurements RIGHT NOW!

Any chance you can make a newborn baby size, or do I have to wait until my little guy is born?

Dirtius Wifius said...

Paige - I'll make you a pair for your baby (no need to wait for specific measurements). And I'm excited to make a pair for you too. :)

Juli said...

I know I found this pretty late in the game, but I was thinking how great these would be for little babies starting to crawl. If you could get them up over the knee, it would would be fantastic to way to protect little knees and keep clothes clean. When mine were crawling I ended up cutting the toes out of baby socks to protect them. Something like this would be great! You could see about getting your leg lovers in independent children's shops. It would be a great place for moms to see what you have--new moms headed to the hospital would love something like this, and might buy a matching pair for the baby. :o)