Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday is a special day

It's the day to get ready for Sun-Day!

This week work was very slow so I got few hours. Also, Brent has Diabetes officially and we have no insurance. For now that's okay, but we're both a little bit anxious about it. Not getting much work (neither Brent nor I had much to do this week) is really keeping us from feeling calm about it all.

I finally talked someone into ordering some Leg Lovers. She ordered them for her daughter in that cool purple material. I made them today while Felix crawled around the floor at my sister's house. Since Brent finally got some work yesterday and his deadline is tomorrow night, I figured the kidlet and I should give him some space.

Besides the LLs I made for Val's daughter (I'm really hoping they fit - I only had very generic measurements), I also sewed a pillow. It's also in purple, but a different kind of material. It looks stripey, but it's not.

I finally came home and brought a niece and nephew with me. We decided that while we were waiting for dinner to cook we would watch an episode of Joan of Arcadia. My mom and dad fell in love with the show a few years ago when it was still running and my mom got me hooked when she bought the first season. For Christmas I bought her season 2 so we ended up watching 2 of those. You know, it's really quite sad that people wouldn't be interested enough in this show to keep it on the air. It was cancelled after the 2nd season. It's really interesting and affirms faith without being preachy at all.

I'm tired, but I feel like I've been productive today at least. I'm hoping Felix will let us sleep so we can stay awake during church tomorrow. Since I have to concentrate more to understand all the Spanish, being tired is a very uncomfortable thing. Not like I ever enjoy being tired, just that sometimes it's worse than others.

Also this week I've started remembering my dreams again. I think it has something to do with waking up without a crying child doing the waking. I have really funky dreams. For example, one of my most vivid was this week when I dreamed I lived in a boarding-house type of place that was also a school. It was run by three witches, and the house was totally bewitched. But mixed in with that was some prank the girls and I wanted to play on a guy who lived in another wing (Hogwarts type of place, maybe?) by getting him drunk. Apparently we knew how to make our own alcohol by just mixing the right ingredients. I have a vague recollection of it tasting like egg nog...


Beth said...

Hmm eggnog flavor alcohol. I'd totally go for that.

Kipluck said...

well, you know, other people's eggnog IS alcoholic. hee hee!