Thursday, January 17, 2008

Leg Lovers, part 2

These are some of the cuter printed fabrics that are perfect for Leg Lovers. I've also seen the plain in a bunch of different shades.

Turns out that JoAnn's has quite the selection. It was fun to wander around taking pictures.

I'm showing you the fabrics because these are the fabrics I can use (special requests!). I did actually find a couple of cute quilted fabrics I could use too but the pictures didn't turn out. One is lime on one side and yellow on the other, and the other is pink on one side with purple on the other. Both quilted fabrics are shiny and way cute. I'm going to have to get some for myself... I'll call them The Quilted Calf. hah!

The reason I'm telling you all of this is that I haven't received a single request. :(

I'm not going to wonder if people want them. I know how much I love mine and I'm pretty sure other people might be interested. But I think it might be too complicated to ask for all the measurements to make them completely fitted.

I think I can solve that. I'm going to accept general sizes instead of specific measurements. In other words, I'll accept "tall" or "medium" for height, "small", "medium", or "large" for calf size, etc. I think that might help, especially if you're interested in getting them to give away. It's kind of hard to stealth measure someone's leg. You can also tell me anything that might help - for yourself or for others. I know it might be difficult to get your hands on a measuring thinghy.

I'm really hoping you might help me out with this. I would like to get this started, but I need other people to make it happen. I can't make them all fitted to myself!

Tell you what. If you're interested, send me an email ( The first 3 people to respond that they want a pair will get them for free in light green. It's material I already have. I just want to get started!

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