Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Year (everything else is the same)

Shannon - I hereby officially "tag" you. I want to see your list!

After caring for a sick baby for a week and trying to care for a new puppy at the same time, we decided it was more than we wanted to handle at the moment and we sold the puppy. I guess we could have kept Dusty and sold Felix, but Felix is cuter. :)

I've been going in to work now for a while and I really enjoy it. Most of what I enjoy is the social aspect of it all. I like being around people and Brent and Felix apparently don't count. Maybe that's because although Brent can say words, he's normally a very quiet person (unless you're talking politics, which I hate, or comic books, which don't really interest me). Felix, while being far from quiet, doesn't say anything coherent. He tries though.

Last Saturday I got together with some friends (I don't think it's possible to praise my friends enough - seriously, I'm constantly in awe of them, whether I get to spend lots of time with them or not) for a girls' outting. We decided we needed a shopping trip (and while I thought it would just be funny to tag along to Victoria's Secret - like they would ever carry my size! - I actually found some fun new eye shadow there), a chick flick, and some dinner. There were 6 of us (yes, Lis, there were 6). We met in the afternoon and went to see P.S. I Love You. I think we settled on that one because of Gerard Butler, but I'm pretty sure we all loved the movie for more than just him. It was moving and inspiring and was a good portrayal of love and loss and recovery. I was happy that the obvious couple didn't end up together because they didn't really fit in my mind. And the movie ended with hope. I cried throughout the whole thing. Darn those puffy eyes of mine!

After the movie we walked through The Riverwoods and stopped in William Sonoma (one of my favorite window shopping stores ever!), Gymboree (cute but very expensive kids clothes), and Vic's Secret. Then we went to dinner at Macaroni Grill. Yummy food!!!!

While I was sitting at dinner a girl came up and asked if I had gone to the Vermont 3rd Ward. Turns out we not only attended at the same time, but we were friends and even went on a road trip together to her grandma's house in San Francisco. I love love love catching up with old friends! (check her out at the Tran & Jeff blog - she's such a cutie!)

After dinner we made our way back to my house where we were thinking we would watch some more Gerard, but I couldn't find my copy of Dear Frankie. Sad. We ended up watching Music & Lyrics, and while that's a fun 80's flashback chick flick, it's just not the same.

Anyway, today at work there wasn't much to do so I got to come home early. I figure catching up on the blog is a good cause, but it's also helping me avoid cleaning my house (desperately needed!). Hooray for avoidance!

Brent and I took some time a couple days ago and actually made up a sort of budget. We made it just tight enough to pay all our bills every month, but left ourselves some good breathing room. I stink at things like this, but hopefully the breathing room will keep me from feeling constricted, which usually makes me want to go shopping. I gotta get this under control. We also figured out how much Brent would need to make at another job if I wasn't going to work, and how much he would need to make if we had to move out of my parents' house. Man, it's going to be tough growing up! I wish grown-up-ness didn't carry such a heavy financial responsibility with it...

So, the new year. I wonder how long it's going to take me to write 2008 on things. I guess it's a good thing that I don't have to write the date much. There's really nothing super interesting going on lately. Felix is finally starting to get over the rota junk. We still don't have insurance, and if we're correct that Brent does have diabetes, we'll only ever get coverage through group insurance. Stupid insurance racket! We're more or less healthy. We're more (not less) happy. We're more or less stable. I guess that's all I need to be a grown up, right?


jenica said...

you write just like you talk, i love it! i can totally hear your adorable voice while i'm reading. ;-D

so for brent... insurance sucks and may not be willing to cover him if he has to have a physical first, they'll totally catch the diabetes if his numbers are over 300. you may want to try to control it with diet (NO more than 45 carbs at a meal), exercise can REALLY lower your numbers, cinnamon, chromium picolynate, and avoiding stress/laughing a lot. all of these things made a marked difference when i had it.

the diet is the hardest aspect of it, but getting educated on it can really help. try switching to splenda and crystal light. the hardest thing for me was the bread and pasta thing...1 slice of bread is 15 carbs. i cried when i found out that i couldn't have pb&j with milk because it's 60 carbs. :-< (2 slices of bread=30, jam=15, milk=15)

do you want my tester again? i have a bunch of test strips too...over 50.

Dirtius Wifius said...

If you're done with it for a while again... :) I'd love to sit and talk about ways to control it too. You're awesome!

Trannie said...

I love your blog... I can't believe I am included in the blog.. I feel special... hehehe.. You are so cute.. I love the way you write cause it is honestly what I remember you to be. Honest, straight to the point and funny. Thanks for the movie review too. I was contemplating on seeing that movie or not.


Daisy Paige said...

Heather, not to pry, but Lacie told me you never called (remember your linkup thread about diabetes?). Call her, use her! She works at the diabetes center, for goodness' sake! She can give you good information!

Dirtius Wifius said...

Thanks for the advice, compliments, and the reminder. That is exactly why I'm so in love with my friends!