Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another nearly sleepless night

I used to think I was bad for needing to sleep in every morning, but after a night like last night, I might go back to bed and sleep happily till noon. Felix had a horrible night and this wasn't the first. I'm thinking he may be teething again. If he had woken up enough that he could take medicine I would have given him something for the pain, but as it was he was trying very hard to be asleep but he would wake up every little bit to scream and writhe around. I feel so helpless!

Brent made up another design - at my insistence and it's doing well. He's still getting great comments from people who are interested in buying them as t-shirts, but not quite enough to storm the contest and win a printing. It has been a good exercise for him.

Yesterday we watched some friends' kids and thankfully it was really nice out so they ended up playing outside most of the day. They're here again today (spring break and their babysitter quit without notice), and I'm happy that they're pretty self-entertaining because I really do need more sleep.

Brent was all sorts of productive yesterday. He finally got all the cabinet doors primed and he's going to try to paint soon. That means that we might just have a kitchen this summer. I'm so happy!!!!!!

And, we finally got around to finishing the taxes. Brent had worked them up and came up with us owing over $4500 federal. I was honestly freaked out. So yesterday I went to Jackson Hewitt (where I took a tax class in late 2006 with my mom) and had them go over everything. The girl that helped me was wonderful. She got it down to us owing just over $3000 (self-employment stinks!) federal and then another $470 for state. Thank goodness for the tax thinghy coming in May because it'll help cut that owing part to half. So we'll try for a payment plan or something because Brent also has to pay quarterly sales tax (or self-employment tax, I can't keep them separate) now and the first chunk is due the end of this month. Gah! I hate money problems!

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