Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Conference and visits

Jacob and Sarah came to visit. This would be my sister and brother-in-law. They thought the 60-degree weather was kind of cold. Of course, they're dealing with 85 degrees in Arizona already. Poor things.

Conference was amazing as usual. I watched all 4 sessions and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. It's hard to summarize, but in a few words... This was Pres. Monson's first conference as president of the LDS church. I thought it was pretty apparent that he has changed/grown even in the past couple of months. He was still very simple, but even while he was fun and funny, he was also very serious. There were good talks about abuse and forgiveness and coming back to activity in the church. There are a few of my friends that I wish had listened, but I know they did not.

Felix really enjoyed having so many people around (it distracted him from the pain). I'm adding a little video at the bottom of this blog that was from the last session of conference.

On Sunday Felix started acting more and more fussy and by the afternoon it was obvious that his right ear was very sore, as was the cheek and neck near that ear. Sunday evening we had a big family get-together that was very pleasant. That night, we said goodbye to Jacob and Sarah and Nathaniel and Lina (who came down from Logan for the weekend). Felix continued to be super fussy so I watched him while Brent slept. I think in total I got about 3 hours of sleep.

I took Felix to the doctor at 11 and he confirmed the ear infection. He thought the source of his pain might be from something else because his ear didn't look infected at all even though there was infected fluid. So he ran a strep test and it came back negative. He prescribed antibiotics and Felix does seem to be responding well.

Last night Brent took Felix and I slept and apparently Felix was very fussy all night again.

I'm still sure that the pain is from the ear infection, but I'm wondering if we didn't just catch it early enough that the infection hadn't spread. Okay by me!

Oh, Brent submitted his first design for a woot derby. Basically, there's a website (woot.com) that has a side site (shirt.woot.com) that sells t-shirts. On the t-shirt site they have weekly contests and they pay a lot of money ($1000 each) for the winning designs (anyone who has ever purchased from any of the woot sites can vote), and the top 3 designs get printed and the artists get royalties. There are themes to the contests and this week's contest is greed. Brent first did the white version and then a day later he submitted the gray one. I would rather wear a gray t-shirt, but the white does pop better. We've decided that Brent needs to get his designs in as soon as the contest opens (the theme is announced a day before it opens) and he needs to be more clever with the theme. Check out http://shirt.woot.com/Derby/Default.aspx?sort=votes to see all the designs for this contest (some of which are very fun and some are very stupid - the blue one in the top 4 is our favorite).

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