Monday, April 21, 2008

Not over yet

I got a call from someone at the finance office of the hospital and apparently there's a way to get some medicaid even when you don't quite qualify for it normally. It's called a "pay down" option and based on what you make you can still get some assistance. I still need to check out CHIP to see if Felix can be covered under that, and I'll just hope that it can be applied retroactively.

Felix has been doing great lung-wise, but today he's been throwing up all day. Sigh.

Is it sad that I feel like I'm getting used to it all?


CarrieAnne said...

I'd say it's good that you're getting used to it. That means you're not stressing as much about it and you're getting better at dealing.

UVRMC is pretty good about finding a way to pay them. They don't go all Nazi on you. If they see that you want to pay them and that you are working at it they will work with you. (I find that crying on the phone with them has helped too. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Brett was uninsured when he wrecked his motorcycle just over 2 years ago. The hospital bills amounted to over $60,000. We qualified for an assistance program through the county of Sacramento and our share ended up only being about $3000. I say "only" because it's a fraction of what it would have been, not that $3000 isn't a lot of money.

I asked about payment arrangements for our share and they asked how much we wanted to pay each month. They really didn't care how much as long at they got some kind of payment each month.

Another bonus with the program was that the bill for our share didn't arrive for 2 whole years after the accident. We'd begun to think we'd never have to pay anything.

I hope you will be as fortunate with the assistance programs in Utah and I hope Felix is over the worst of it!