Sunday, April 13, 2008


So, our internet went down again. Weird though because there's nothing wrong with the network, only that the wireless part won't allow us to get reception at all. That means I'm falling behind with my own blog posts, and I'm really behind with reading other people's blogs. I apologize!

This week has been a tough one. Felix has been pretty fussy all week and as a result I haven't gotten the sleep I've needed. He does seem to be doing much better but he's still not sleeping well enough for his parents to get real rest.

On Friday Brent and I submitted our new designs to woot. Mine is doing really well, but I think Brent's is too year-specific to get a real following. People are impressed anyway, of course. I call it my design, but Brent did all the work. I'm not nearly familiar enough with photoshop to do that kind of work...

Yesterday Felix and I went up to SLC for the baptism of my cousin's kid. Afterward we went out to eat with the whole family. I really like all of them and I'm glad some of them are close enough geographically that we can hang out often.

In the late afternoon I took Felix over to my brother's house so I could watch the kids while he and my sis-in-law got out for a few hours. My poor brother came home so sick he had to lay down immediately. He thinks it might be food poisoning. Blech!

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BeatlesDiva said...

I love the designs. I can't wait too see people wearing them!
Luvs and hugs,
~ Nic