Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool!

I'm going to take the widget down in about 15 minutes, but it's been fun to pretend.

No, I'm not pregnant, although both Brent and I would be thrilled if I was. We're working on it and would really love to give Felix a sibling.

My boss at work is on a business trip this week so everyone else on our team programmed an auto reply only to him. It said, "I no longer work for the company." We even got him to do a big team email so he got a bunch of auto replies... Said he had a hard time not chuckling out loud during his conference.

It's been a good day. Thank goodness it's spring. I need some good spring-like weather!


Jeff & Tran said...

I knew it.. I was telling my husband last night after he came home and thought to myself, that can't be right. The math didn't seem right at all. You kind of fooled me.. hehehe. Good job! Hope you get preggo soon.

Mom said...

Oh dang--even though I check your blog every day, I missed this, and I probably would have been fooled--at least for a little while.

Love you!

Succubus and Saint said...

I was fooled until I read one of the comments that pointed out the date. I was bummed. I didn't even know you were trying. I guess you have your "work" cut out for you. Enjoy!!!

Beth said...

I read your blog through google reader and totally missed it! Oh well. We need to get together again soon!