Friday, November 21, 2008

another update

I told the nurse that I wanted more information so she paged the doctor. He told her that nothing had changed since yesterday (yeah, I knew that part!) and that they were just waiting on the results of my 24-hour urine catch that just finished.

I told the nurse that wasn't enough. I needed to know what the urine catch was testing for, what the results might mean for my body, and what might my expectations be either way. She said she'd call him again.

Apparently you just have to beg for information.

In other news, I got to take a shower this morning and I feel semi-human. Clean, at the very least. And this morning the nutrition guy actually took my order for lunch. Pulled pork and broccoli that wasn't overcooked, along with some potato casserole that had an unfortunate amount of onions in it. Cranberry juice to drink, and a roll.

But dessert. Woah. I'm almost feeling bad for complaining so much about this hospital. Can you tell what it is? Creme brulee'. I licked it out. Yeah, it was that good. There was even a little chocolate truffle as a side dessert.

I'm so glad I'm not the diabetic in the bed next to me. She's on a seriously restricted diet. My only restrictions are not knowing what's going on, apparently. And the nurses all telling me "your peepee is too dark". That courtesy of Yuko - cute Japanese nurse aide with a strong accent. She's told me that a few times.

Anyway, I'm back to waiting. But I'm comfortable, I'm clean, I'm fed (some yummy food even), and my husband and toddler are on their way.

Oh, nurse just came to tell me that the doctor will come with information when the lab results come in - hopefully by 2 pm. I would have hoped he could spare a moment before then, but that'll have to do. Better than nothing, I guess. Denise (my nurse for this shift) tells me that the charge nurse is even trying to put a rush on my results.

Huh. I guess when you make some noise things can actually go in your favor. At least information-wise!

More as I hear it...


Shauna said...

Good for you! You have a right to know and unfortunately, they'll try to get away with telling you as little as you allow them to. Glad you're not letting them off the hook so easily!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I am new here! What a great blog :)

Becca said...

Yuck. is that dessert really good? it looks sickening.