Friday, November 21, 2008

going home!

Doc says there's no protein in my urine at all, which means my organs are functioning just fine. The most I've got is some pregnancy-related hypertension, so they're ordering twice-weekly stress tests in the hospital (I've requested that those tests be ordered at American Fork hospital so I don't have to drive all the way up here twice a week).

Otherwise, I'm good to go. I still need to call Becky (my midwife) to see how she wants to proceed. But... I'M FREE!!!!!

No more snoring/smoking roommate. No more really good desserts. No more bed that magically lifts me up when I need to go to the bathroom.

Good riddance, I say.


Anonymous said...


Where was Felix during all of this?

I assume not at the hospital... Good grief, he would be breaking everything within reach!

We were going to stop by today (my mom got you some yummy Asiago Bread from Kneaders, but we had some difficulties and it never happened...

Kristin said...

SO glad you are home. Yes, children and hospital rooms do NOT mix. It was always a catch 22 when I was at the hospital with my c-sections. I was lonely when no one was there, but stressed out of my mind when my family (children) were there.

Jeff & Tran said...

Not much longer to go for you. How exciting it is to have another little one in your family. Glad you are good and are home now.